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Windmills Solutions

Renewable experience

IBERFASA, with nearly 10 years experience in the industry, has teams of people trained to provide attentive and personalized in the installation, operation and maintenance of its wind farms.

We are specialized in wind and solar photovoltaic all applications and the generation and use of electricity from these:

  • Provision of staff assembly wind farms at all stages, with specialized equipment wiring turbine
  • General inspections or specific parts
  • Maintenance and repair of damage to farms in production
  • Taybred retrofits to the client need
  • Small and large correctives
  • Installation and maintenance of aid ascent and elevators
  • Availability at national and international level

Ascent Support Systems

Support systems to enable the Ascension technician windfarm increase their productivity through a system, attached to the harness of the operator, subtracts weight on his ascension through the stairs Since 2007 IBERFASA installed, maintained and repaired over 2000 teams in Spain, Italy and Portugal. We have experience in cable systems with continuous steel belt and polymeric our offices in Colombia, Sweden and Spain we ensure worldwide availability.

We cover all phases of installation:

  • Study of the optimal position of each component based on the WTG
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Thermosealed
  • Comissionning
  • Repair / Maintenance